[V Report] Kim Jae-joong becomes addicted to online gaming

Broadcast Date: May 19
Starring: Kim Jae-joong, Park Bo-young, and Hana and Nayoung of Gugudan

Kim Jae-joong


(Naver V app)

Jae-joong showed himself playing the famous racing game “Crazyracing Kartrider” for the first time via his official Naver V app channel Friday.

He even created opportunities for his fans to play the game with him.

He seemed to be very into the game as he became quite competitive.

Fans said that they found his childlike innocence charming.

Although he tried his best to win, he ended up ranking second to last in the first round.

On his next chance, however, he was able to come in first. He said that he felt like he had won a big award.

After spending an entire hour playing six rounds with his fans, he seemed to be quite impressed with how well they had played, saying that it was more fun gaming with others than alone.

Park Bo-young


(Naver V app)

Park Bo-young read out some of the memorable letters she had recently received from her fans Friday on her official Naver V app channel.

“I decided to read letters today because I heard that some fans listen to my live show with their earphones (instead of watching it on a screen) on their way back home,” she explained as the purpose behind her unusual way of carrying out the show as if she was a radio host.

Due to time constraints, she said that she could not read them all, but said that she would select a few that she would like to share with viewers.

She read a heartfelt letter that was written by a fan who is an aspiring producer. Park seemed to be touched by its content, which resembled a love letter.

She also read several letters from foreign fans. One fan said that he even started to learn Korean because he wanted to understand Park’s words better.

While reading more letters, she thanked the fans for showing her so much love. She added that fans do not have to feel obligated to give her anything, but that she is just happy to know that they are supporting her.

Hana and Nayoung of Gugudan


(Naver V app)

Hana and Nayoung of Gugudan broadcast their late night trip to a shopping mall through the group’s official Naver V app channel Friday.

The two took some time off their busy schedule and enjoyed shopping just like other women of their age.

They walked around discussing their preferences in fashion.

Instead of looking for her own clothes, Nayoung kept picking out outfits that would suit the other members of Gugudan.

Fans said that they were happy to see how the girls were able to spend time like most ordinary people such as taking pictures at a photo booth and snacking in the middle of shopping.

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By Yim Ji-min (jiminy@heraldcorp.com)

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